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Warming in general:


Question: My animals do not cool down during anesthesia. Why would i need warming?

Answer: Every animal cools down during anesthesia, because the muscles are not working. For smaller and naked animals it goes much faster but also big and hairy cool down. Animals can suffer after anesthesia for hypothermia (over-cool).


Temperature Control Unit:


Question: My system works fine with just heating. Why would I need heat and cool?

Answer: You need a flexible system to compensate internal changes (age, size and weight of animal, type and depth of anesthesia, stress or post-operation) and external changes (weather changes, air condition problems, different heat emotion by different hardware, users errors). to have a fast and reliable system you heat heating and cooling for optimal tempering.


Water refilling:


Question: I have to refill the Temperature Control Unit. Can I use normal tap water?

Answer: No. tap water includes small minerals and bacterias which will grow and produce alga in your water circuit, which can destroy your water pump.

Do only use purified water (deionized/demineralized) and use anti-alga fluid to minimize alga grow. Please replace water from time to time (e.g. every year) and clean inside as good as possible.




Question: My animal is anesthetist during imaging, warm and still. Why would I need an complicated animal bed?

Answer: Fixation is important for reproducible and high resolution imaging, because e.g. berating can introduce blurred images. Also fixation protects the animal against falling.

Modern animal research without adequate fixation and warming is not acceptable due to necessary accuracy and reproducibility of research in general.




Question: After initial anesthesia my animal is the animal bed within less than 5 minutes. Why would I need a KnockOut-Box?

Answer: Animals loose temperature from the begging of anesthesia and still loose body temperature within the first minutes of warming.

The KnockOut-Box avoids not only the temperature loss, but also protects animal and experimentalist from high doses of anesthesia.




Question: I am performing operations without warming and my animals are fine afterwards. Why would I need an extra Surgical-Board for warming.

Answer: You assume your animals are OK, however, animals can suffer from hypothermia. For your animals, but also for your scientific results, you should take best care of your animals, which is amongst others constant warming.