The MasterBox is part of the MACU System for experimental animal research and is designed for electrophysiological measurements on animals.


It is designed for detecting and delivering physical and electrophysiological parameters of small animals and can be equipped to an autonomic electrophysiological measurement stand.

The MasterBox consists of a 19-inch box with 21 plug-in slots for measurement components of 20 mm front width each and can be upgraded by several components for individual needs. All measurement components are built of analog technique for low-noise data recording. An additional USB analog-digital converter retrieves the data output, for processing and storing on a PC.


The MasterBox can be equipped with several dedicated components and amplifier modules for data acquisition of electrophysiological parameters of small animals:

  • Blood-Pressure-Amplifier for measuring blood pressure and heard rate in combination with a transducer.
  • Difference-Amplifier for measuring small currents like evoked potentials in the cortex.
  • ECG-Amplifier for measuring signals from the heart.
  • ECG-Trigger for generating TTL trigger signals triggered by the ECG/heart rate input.
  • Experimental-Amplifier/Skull Amplifier/4-pressure-Amplifier for measuring inter-cranial pressure by mini-transducers. Four amplifiers: Evoked Potentials, ECG/EEG, Spikes, DC.
  • MACU-Input supports the MACU with voltages for laser triggering of respiration and pre- amplifies incoming signals.
  • Respiration-Amplifier/Transducer-Amplifier for measuring pressure differences and respiration rate in combination with a transducer.
  • Respiration-Trigger for generating TTL trigger signals triggered by the respiration input.
  • Stimulation-Unit delivers stimulation pulses to the animal. Current, frequency and pulse width can be adjusted and triggered internally or externally.
  • Temperature-Amplifier for measuring temperatures e.g. in the cortex using a 50 μm CuCo-wire.
  • Ion-sensitive-Amplifier 4-channel ion-sensitive-amplifier for EEG- or EP potentials.


A recommended basic configuration of the MasterBox for animal experiments with the MACU is: MACU-Input, Respiration-Amplifier, ECG-Amplifier (optional).