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MACU-M-120twin is a multi-modal animal carrier unit for simultaneous measurements of
two mice within a single experimental session, specially designed for
PET scanners.

MACU-M-120twin includes anesthesia masks, rectal temperature probe, head fixation with
free rotatable ear bars and vacuum pillows to maintain stable parameter for both animals.

MACU-M-120twin features a large thermal contact area with 80% water volume to keep
the animals stable at 37.0 C by feedback-controlled heating and cooling with TCU.


Two Times Faster Experiments with MACU

With two mice on your MACU-M-120twin you can speed up your experiments by a factor of two! For PET studies you save expensive radioactive tracer and can perform direct and simultaneous comparison of two individuals. Different animal positions are possible with MACU, e.g. face-to-face, stacked, side-by-side.

Perfect Animal Handling & Positioning

With MACU it is very fast and simple to prepare your animal for experiments. Tooth bar and free rotatable ear bars help you to find the ear canals and fix the animal anatomically correct and extreme reproducible. The flat surface gives great success to the animal for ECG, invasive blood measurement or stimulation. The vacuum pillow gives extra hold to the animal and avoids cooling of the animal by circulating room air.


Perfect Physiological Parameters

MACU comes with many features which allow stabilization and recording of the animals physiological parameters. The animal core temperature is kept constant at 37.0 0.2 C by a water bath of an external feedback-controlled Temperature Control Unit (TCU) and a rectal temperature probe attached to the MACU. Escaping and exhaled gas is sucked away by an outer gas mask to protect animal and experi- mentalist from overdoses of anesthetics.


Compatibility & Accessory

MACU-M-120twin is designed for experimental multi-modal imaging, especially for Siemens Inveon Systems. It is also compatible to most MRI scanners and Optical Imaging systems. There are several adapters to add MACU to your imaging system and your existing lab equipment. MACU also works perfectly well with components of MACU-System, advanced hardware for small animal multi-modal imaging.