rodentproductsMACU addetives

Temperature Probe XS is a extra small MRI compatible probe for animal rectal temperature recordings. The probe can be ordered for use in MACU or free to use (e.g. surgical board) and will be connected to the the Temperature Control Unit.

ECG Electrodes detect the electronic heart cycle and heart frequent by measuring the ECG (electrocardiogram) signal of the animals forepaws within the MACU. The electrodes need further hardware to process and display the recordings, e.g. a MasterBox and PC.

Optical Sensor detect the breathing of the animal by reflection of LED light within the MACU. It is recommended for cases of low amplitude breathing, which can not be recorded with normal air balloon transducers.

MRI Coils for any field strength, animal strain and coil diameter supporting MACU can be ordered. Transmit coils, receiver coil as well as transmit-receive coils are single loop, inductive uncoupled coils easy and simple BNC connection. These coils show an very good ratio of SNR/purchasing costs.

Human Adapter Philips allow the usage of MACU in human scanners. Adapters for other scanners e.g. Siemens and GE can designed as well.

Gradient-Adapter-200 positions the MACU in Gradients bigger than 120 mm, e.g. 200 mm in the isocenter. Also other gradient diameters will be supported.

MACU TempBoard consists for several adapters that allow the usage of MACU in any Bruker scanners. E.g. the MACU can be connected to an Bruker Autopak system, Trapezoid shaped slider System or to 2-pin hanging positioning system. Also medres sliders (MACU assist, supporting also Bruker animal beds) can be used to minimize the amount of adapters.

MACU additives are split in two parts. One part support mechanical connection in other systems, like older Bruker animal scanners or human scanners. The other parts extends the technological properties by upgrading the MACU hardware with additional setup.


MACU additives