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BRAINPATH aims to build upon current developments in molecular imaging by creating an academic-industrial training and mobility network as the next stage of evolution of imaging technology. Molecular /in vivo/ imaging is a fertile area which harbours a mix of expertise, state-of-art equipment and many different disciplines and inter-sector work environments. Our aim is to train up a new generation of medical imaging scientists so that, within the next 10-15 years, they can bring optical brain imaging to the clinic.

ISPIC - Image-Guided Surgery and Personalised Postoperative Immunotherapy to Improving Cancer Outcome This project is by nature multi-/inter-disciplinary (including surgery, pathology, chemistry, physics, regulation, bioinformatics, immunology, biomaterials, and molecular biology). Those fields will be coupled to our need to advance our understanding of tumour immunology for an immunotherapy-based cancer management program.

CANCER - Immunotherapy Approaches To Improving Cancer Outcome and Quality of Life (QOL) The importance of the immune system in the host response against cancer has been studied for many years. However, treatment of cancer by single immunotherapy has been proven to be only modestly effective. As a result, immunotherapy is only accepted as an option rather than as mainstream treatment of cancer. The hypothesis is that if we can develop a personalised strategy for cancer management of IGS combined with postoperative combination immunotherapy and patient recovery, we would be implementing a revolutionary imaging and therapeutic approach to target distal metastases.

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